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The Pay It Forward Academy relates to simply recommending, sharing and paying great content forward so that with very little personal effort we can make a big collective difference around the world. It’s free to access & use, we just ask that each person ‘Pays It Forward’ and helps share the library of content with others.

For everyone around the world to have access to leading edge, world class content which can positively impact the quality of their lives.

To help cut through the noise & pull together some of the world's best training & education across the common areas of a holistic, rounded life.

Whilst it's wonderful for many of us to be able to travel & pay for courses, lectures, workshops and to have access to world leading content, it’s neither possible or convenient for everyone to access all the great teachers & resources we’d like to in person.

So for many people this resource has been created to help cut through all the noise & distraction to present you with some of the very best content available online – saving time (our most valuable resource), effort, travel (& pollution) whilst providing convenience.

However, on a more global scale very many of the people who could most benefit from some of the content don't have either the resources, the ability or the wherewithal to attend or have access to these kinds of training, or may not be aware of some of the resources. Further enhancing the status quo & inbalance we are experiencing in many societies around the world.

The Pay It Forward Academy aims to help alleviate this by making great content across a range of holistic topic areas, accessible to all.  

We are all holistic beings with multi-faceted aspects to our lives which include areas such as health & wellbeing, nutrition, mindset, inspiration, motivation, parenting, relationships, conscious business & marketing, habits & addictions, financial literacy to name a few.

We aim to provide you with a one stop library resource which pulls together some of the best content that's available online and to make it accessible as a library, as an academy for everyone to access.

And to make it freely available. All we ask is each person Pays It Forward in support of the whole ethos & vision of the platform & it’s inception.


Public services & funds are already strained in most countries with cut backs all too familiar.

This platform not only helps people at the higher end of the social spectrum but also those who need it most. People who wouldn't normally have the awareness or access to the range of ideas & resources.

The content within this platform saves businesses & the State potentially huge amounts of money whilst at the same time providing an extremely valuable service & resource which can make a positive impact within society, for example:

  • saving companies £1,000's on training by providing a free resource for employees which can lead to happier, more fulfilled & productive employees & teams resulting in a better working environment, stronger culture & improved performance
  • providing much needed curated (& organised) empowering content for communities, institutions & establishments (including prisons, rehabilitation & outreach programs)
  • presenting a collection of life-affirming, transformative content which can help reduce common symptoms such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, separation etc

Ultimately, the intention & ethos behind the site and it's contents is to positively contribute to individuals, families, businesses & society at large & to take away barriers which prevent people from being aware & having access to conscious, empowering content.

Ultimately to leave the world a better place for having existed. Every single one of us is here for a reason and a purpose & you'll probably agree that in the bigger scheme of things life is short & it's not a dress rehearsal.

Furthermore, beyond our own selves & our own families, we truly believe that we all have a purpose and the ability to serve wider humanity, and we believe this is a big part of the test as a collective conscience that we are going through at the moment. To see if we are each going to honour our responsibility to each other & our future generations & leave the world better for us having being here!

For us personally, this website is definitely part of our purpose. If we look at the beautiful Japanese concept of Ikigai (aka life purpose), it simply & clearly illustrates a way for us to easily help identify our purpose by asking these four questions:

1. What are you (or could you be) good at?
2. What can you be paid for?
3. What do you love?
4. What does the world need?

The area where there is an overlap between all of those four is potentially your Ikigai (your purpose), your reason for being.

Furthermore, if we want to go a touch deeper three related & important questions for all of us to answer relating to our purpose are:

5. What would I do if I was told I only had six months left to live?
6. What would I do if money wasn't an issue or an object?
7. What would I do if I absolutely knew that failure wasn't an option?

So if we combine all of those seven questions together:
what are you good at (or could you be good at)?
what can you be paid for?
what do you love?
what does the world need?
what do you enjoy?
what would you do if money wasn't an issue?
what would you do if you only had six months left to live?
what would you do if failure wasn't an option?

For us, The Pay It Forward Academy ticks all of those boxes.

Furthermore, I had a moment of insight (satori) to create this platform whilst away on a week long silent meditation retreat.  So whilst I was away from the everyday distractions, away from the busy-ness of day to day life, away from digital intoxication, social media & all of the things that clamor for our attention day to day I literally had the clear vision in a moment like a pinpoint.

The insight came to put my resources, my skills, my abilities, my passion and my contacts together to create a platform that collectively as a global family, we can grow & share around the world to help more people, families, communities & businesses to help enhance & elevate the world.

Because of the holistic approach of the topics included, everyone can benefit from at least some (if not much) of the content. And to make the platform open for contribution, so first to have a collective effort to share it and to contribute to add content and to help reach more people around the world.

Ultimately the aim & intention is to create a better world for not only ourselves but our future generations.

To us, that is a purposeful life, well lived.

In the words of the great Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"To leave the world a bit better...whether by a healthy child, or a garden patch or a redeemed social condition: to know even one life has breathed easie because you have lived. This to have succeeded."

Our initial target is to reach at least a million people which we believe will make a sizeable difference to this world.

We have created the whole platform & it's ethos to support this mission by making the agreed concensus & ethos of the platform that the content is free on the moral agreement that all members pay it forward & share the website address.

If every person passes it onto three more people by posting on their social platform of choice, by sharing it with a partner, friend, family member, client or colleague we can achieve this vision.

Maybe you have content that you think deserves to be included within the site. If so, then you can suggest & recommend videos or content  to be included along with the reasons why you think it should be added.

Maybe you have a skill-set that could potentially be put to use with the project. Maybe you are a videographer, maybe you’re a social media expert, maybe you’re a graphic designer. Perhaps you've got a list of contacts that you can message and let them know about this.

Maybe you have media or press contacts who can help us spread the word.

Maybe you can help us connect into prisons, into schools, colleges, or educational establishments.

Perhaps you are (or know) community leaders or people who have audiences who understand the vision & would share.

Perhaps you’re on the other side of the world, or know people internationally that this could be shared with. In particular people in less advantaged economies & with less privilege.

Together we know we can reach very many people.

There really is no downside to this for anybody at all. It’s a win / win / win for everyone.

It’s a win for the user – cutting through the noise & getting access to lots of the best, practical & leading edge content across a number of topics - so that anybody can come in and find content that can be immediately applicable, beneficial, and useful in their day to day life.

It’s a win for the content creators & sharers (eg on public domain libraries such as YouTube) reaching new audiences, helping more people become aware of them & their channels & improving their viewing stats & rankings

It’s a win for us as we’re living our purpose knowing that we’re fusing our skill-sets & passion to help make a difference…trusting in the organic unfolding of the project.

Your support in any way is greatly appreciated.

Anyone can gain access instantly for free in return for their name & email address. We need this so that we know that it's not a robot or spam and that it's a real person.

Anybody who wants access just needs to enter their name, email & how they heard about the platform. The latter is so that we can gauge what is & isn’t working in terms of letting people know so that we can collectively further increase the number of people we can positively impact.

Absolutely. The platform is provided 100% for free. However, we would welcome and greatly appreciate any donations or contributions to help support, evolve & maintain the service.

Every month we're paying for hosting & facilities and giving of our time to curate & make this platform possible, at the opportunity costs of everything else we could be doing career wise.

So if you feel this delivers value to you or you support the vision & goal of facilitating this platform and the vision to contribute towards a better world, IF you are able to contribute even a nominal amount of a couple of dollars it helps us to keep going, to pay for our hosting, to help us to put this platform together and to invest in its ongoing development.

We greatly greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small. In return for your donation you will be credited (if you want) on the supporter ‘friends, family & patrons’ page.


Absolutely. This project & site will evolve organically as it grows & as we get feedback from people. If you would like to suggest content you can do so, as long as it's not commercially minded or biased because of personal gain. Then we will welcome some of the best content and recommendations to be suggested. We will be consistently updating the platform fresh content.

To leave your feedback & suggestions please click here

All of the recommended products and services are products & services which we truly believe in ethically, principally and in content. We ONLY recommend products or services which we know deliver genuine value & fulfil their promise & improve people’s lives.

Some of the products are partner links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

Please understand that we have experience with all these companies & we recommend them because they are helpful & useful & can make a big difference, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something.  

Of course, please do not spend any money on any products or services unless you feel you need them or that you they will help you achieve your goals.

The core, primary reason we set up this platform is to provide amazing content for free. Our intention is that anybody can get incredible life changing content from this platform without needing extra bonuses, courses, products or services. However in instances where there’s a related product or service for those who would like them, we may get a small commission to help keep this site running.

Thank you for your time & appreciation.

Because this platform is not commercially led, we want to provide users with a clean, ad free experience whilst enjoying the content.

Pulling together, running, hosting & evolving this platform takes considerable resource.
The vision has always been to provide it for free & to protect the integrity of the users, to help safeguard against spammers & to enable us to reach out to you with important update news we need the bare minimum of name & email address.

We absolutely respect & protect your privacy & will never disclose, share or compromise your details.

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The Pay It Forward Academy is a carefully curated library of free online content aimed at maximising your personal potential in the interconnected areas of life! Access is FREE - simply Pay It Forward & share with others!

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