Our vision is to collectively make a positive difference in this world by sourcing & providing transformative content across the interconnected areas of life & to make this carefully curated library free for you & your fellow global citizens.

To contribute towards happier lives & societies, a more connected & sustainable world & to help level the playing field whilst saving people money & giving them back their most valuable (non-renewable) asset - their time.

If you believe in the vision & see value in this platform & the benefits it offers (to individuals, families, businesses & society at large), if you are willing (or able) to contribute to help the platform evolve it will help keep it freely available for everyone.

This means that collectively we can make a positive impact through the sharing of world leading content & resources for all - without barriers or borders


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Our vision is to collectively reach at least 1,000,000 people as we believe this will truly make a global impact & be a tipping point for humanity.

Imagine the positive 'butterfly effect' this could have if people across all continents & of all means have easy access to empowering, conscious content.

Each beneficiary is indicated by a red dot, so as a collective who believe in a better future let's light up this globe, whilst providing free access for people of all nationalities & backgrounds, many who would not normally have awareness or access to such content.

Transformative & empowering ideas without borders or barriers.
Educate - Empower - Evolve



If you find value in this site & believe in the benefits & vision - if you are able to contribute ANYTHING at all, it will help this platform, content & scope to evolve, to reach more people & collectively make a bigger difference in this world.

Even the smallest amount counts.

With Respect & Gratitude


"To leave the world a bit better, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." - Ralph Waldo Emerson



"What can I say? This is exactly what the world needs. Imagine what a contribution to societies this can make. Not only for the privileged but by making it freely available to the disadvantaged or those who wouldn't normally access this content. I can see how even one idea could be a spark of inspiration which makes a life changing difference...and the knock on benefits. Let's get this out there & share!"


"What an absolutely brilliant resource. SO much goodness provided under one ‘roof’. THANK YOU!"

Broadcaster & Journalist

"What an incredible selection of experts & life affirming content. Thank you for introducing so many brilliant speakers & ideas. I love the fact we can contribute ideas & that this platform is going to evolve."


"I love the spinning globe which shows guests as red dots & seeing that grow as we have the opportunity to make a difference simply by sharing this resource. Awesome content from so many incredible teachers & experts. Thank you for providing this."


"Amazing. Not only am I getting a HUGE amount from this but you’ve saved our company £1000’s in training. We’ve recommended this to our staff & we can already see a difference in productivity & morale. What a gift this is. Thank you team Pay It Forward. What a vision. Full support!"

Daniel Daw

"I LOVE the way this platform identifies & looks at the holistic interconnected areas of life via ‘The Wheel of Life’ & then generously provides world leading content covering each of these topics. BRILLIANT!"


Let's get these continents lit up!


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