How to reduce the likelihood of dis-ease - Leading edge health advice from pioneering epigineticist Dr Bruce Lipton.

In the above video respected Scientist Dr Bruce Lipton outlines how to reduce the likelihood of sickness.

As author of international best-selling books including Spontaneous Evolution, The Biology of Belief & The Wisdom of Your Cells, Dr Bruce Lipton has been at the forefront of health & science since 1970.

His theories which were initially avant-garde & revolutionary are now being widely accepted in the mainstream as the science corroborates his findings.

Important information for everyone to be aware of to help improve their health & minimise sickness.  

The video below visually summarises Dr Bruce Lipton talking about how you can reprogram your subconscious mind which is metaphorically like the submerged part of an iceberg. It's the hidden 90% that runs our programming!

 What is one idea or thought you will take from the information in these videos?

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