Coronavirus Quarantine Resource & Survival Guide

This page has been created to help provide resources, tips & tools to help you (& all households) navigate this challenging & unprecendented period.

It will be updated constantly (and we've already got much more to add) but as it stands right now it contains links & ideas covering...

- Official Government advice & resources
- Looking after your mental health & wellbeing - resources & top tips
- Finances & money
- 100's of tips to do whilst at home in quarantine!
- How to reduce anxiety, fear & stress
- Meditations, mindfulness & inner peace tips
- Fitness, health & energy
- Relationships
- Resources for upskilling & training
- Inspiration & perspective
- Food for thought
- Humour

OK, so let's jump in.........

Small Business Bounce Back Loans - Full details from the Government Website - Click here

Get the latest information from the National Health Service about coronavirus


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8 Success Hacks That Will Level Up Your Life - Impact Theory

In this video Impact Theory's founder Tom Bilyeu combines some of the top tips shared by expert guests on his popular Impact Theory show.
In case you've not come across it before, Impact Theory is an interview series that explores the mindsets of the world's highest achievers across all walks of life, to learn their secrets of success.
As Tom says, “The best thing about these pieces of advice is that they are things anyone can do immediately. They’re easy, practical, obtainable, and (when used regularly) can change your life.”
Within this video guests Robin Sharma, Meagan Good, Mark Manson, Dame Dash, Rachel Hollis, Hal Elrod, Ramit Sethi and Sam Harris share some of their most useful advice, all in the space of this half-hour video.

- Robin Sharma explains how to eliminate distractions and cultivate high energy [1:24]
- How to improve your entire day by getting the most out of the first hour [3:01]
- Meagan Good explains how...
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