We all want health, truth & transparency. Why aren't these questions being answered & why are they being censored?

What do the vast majority of us have in common?
The vast majority of us want the truth, transparency, health, freedoms & the ability to live a decent, honourable & honest life.

The blatant truth is that we are not being shown all things & we are being manipulated, cajoled & fear-mongered whilst very many logical & important questions being asked by 100,000's of professional, good people are being censored & ignored.


And why in supposedly democratic societies are we being denied open debate & dialogue?

Every day we are reading far & wide across all medias & perspectives - online, print & TV. Alongside a growing number of people all over the world we are perplexed at how critical issues & questions aren't being addressed & even worse, ignored, silenced & censored.

For ALL of us & our future generations, living through these pivotal times in our collective human evolution our intention with this post is merely to pull...

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Coronavirus Quarantine Resource & Survival Guide

This page has been created to help provide resources, tips & tools to help you (& all households) navigate this challenging & unprecendented period.

It will be updated constantly (and we've already got much more to add) but as it stands right now it contains links & ideas covering...

- Official Government advice & resources
- Looking after your mental health & wellbeing - resources & top tips
- Finances & money
- 100's of tips to do whilst at home in quarantine!
- How to reduce anxiety, fear & stress
- Meditations, mindfulness & inner peace tips
- Fitness, health & energy
- Relationships
- Resources for upskilling & training
- Inspiration & perspective
- Food for thought
- Humour

OK, so let's jump in.........

Small Business Bounce Back Loans - Full details from the Government Website - Click here

Get the latest information from the National Health Service about coronavirus


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