A collection of the world's leading thinkers share top tips & ideas

Whether you are an employer or employee there are multiple different atrributes which will contribute to your happiness & success.

Whilst you can go more in depth into the various categories within this site using the sidebar menu (or Index tab in the header menu) this page aims to provide you with easy & quick access to some important work related topics which will contribute to your Professional & Personal Development.

Below you will find tips & ideas which can help enhance some of these interconnected skillsets. Topics on this page include:

- Time Management
- Leadership
- How to manage & lead people
- Negotiation tips
- Communication skills
- Emotional intelligence
- Habit forming
- Sales & marketing
- Confidence & Motivation
- Inspiration & Motivation
- How to be a good employee

- Summaries of the world's best selling Business & Mindset books.


Time Management Tips & Ideas

All people have 24 hours in any given day. How we invest (or waste)...

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How you can transform your business, project & life with this simple concept. The strategy of one of the world's top coaches!


Sometimes in life it pays to look at things from a fresh perspective and this fascinating presentation by one of the World's most respected & sought after consultants, visionaries & strategists, Dan Sullivan who offers a unique & powerful way to look at one's life &/or business.

It's is a recording of his keynote presentation at Joe Polishs's esteemed 'Genius Network' event where pioneers, influencers & heads of business share best practices & ideas. 

Joe introduces Dan Sullivan by saying 'Dan has changed my life in so many amazing ways & is the the smartest human being I know and as the founder of Strategic Coach, no one else has coached more people at the highest level'.  A big accolade!

In this video Dan shares one the key strategy he uses to help transform lives & businesses, and which people pay a lot for the advice.

As one person wrote in the video comments 'I feel grateful to be able to witness the greatest minds and most...

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