Tools, Ideas & Resources to help make 2022 healthy, happy & abundant.

Well none of us would have pre-written what we've experienced these past 19 months & as we move into 2022 the one certainty we can be certain of is that we are going to be facing a lot of uncertainty this year.  More so for some than others, but ultimately being able to accept & embrace uncertainty is a trait that will stand us in good stead.

The good news is that listed below are a range of free tools, ideas & resources which can help you enjoy & get the most from this new year.

Despite all the uncertainty that lies ahead in 2022 always remember that you are a powerful co-creator & the ability to be present, mindful & in control of your mind are the ultimate freedoms which cannot be taken from you.

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can & the wisdom to know the difference."

Now I'm sure it's crossed your mind to think about the year (or more) ahead & set some new years resolutions.  Unfortunately as you know, for the majority of people they tend to go out the window by Jan 15th. So let's jump into some tools that can help keep you on track with the things YOU deem to be important for your life this year.......


1. New Year - New Life
(by Tony Robbins)

Why do so many people fail to follow through on their new years resolutions? Tony Robbins shares some of his expertise from working with millions around the world....


2. Where's your life in this current moment - The Wheel of Life Exercise

Your life is made up of interconnected areas as illustrated in The Wheel of Life below.

Take a moment to contemplate each area of your life & have an honest reflection (without judgement). 

On a scale of 1 (awful - couldn't be any worse) to 10 (outstanding - couldn't be any better) how would you rate each area of your life in this given moment?

(Note: it's not where you want it to be in the future or where you were in the past, it's a reflection for a given snapshot moment in time ie the NOW moment of when you do the exercise)

Once you've rated each area, if you were to join all the dots between the different 'spokes' of your wheel (where you've rated the different sections) - how would that 'Wheel' actually work? Would it be a bumpy, uncomfortable & unbalanced ride? Is it pretty balanced? Are there areas which have been neglected which could do with some attention?

(Note - this is a good exercise to do throughout the year. To reflect on the different areas at a moment in time)

Wheel of Life Reflection Questions:
1.1 - What are your initial thoughts (& emotions) as you reflect on this?
1.2 - Are there any specific areas you'd like to put some extra focus on in the next quarter?
1.3 - What are some intentions you'd like to set for the different areas over the next year?

FREE WORKSHEET DOWNLOAD - printable Wheel of Life Worksheets & Templates here


3. Access 100's of free resources covering the interconnected areas of The Wheel of Life

This video below shows how you can access 100's of carefully curated resources covering the various 'Wheel of Life' topics via


4. What things would you like to BE, DO & HAVE over the next year (& beyond).

What are your intentions in these areas?  - Write them down

EVERYTHING starts with an intention. Your intentions are the seeds of creation. Getting clear on things that you want to BE (personality / character / skills), DO (activities, experiences) & HAVE (possessions) is not only setting into motion the wheels of co-creation but also helping you to identify the direction for your life, rather than being at the whim of others.

It's proven that the physical act of writing down your intentions (as opposed to just keeping them in your head) will significantly enhance the likelihood of them materialising.

Please make a mental note of this simple & powerful FAST TRACK 'hack'.....

Many people play the WHEN / THEN game & want to HAVE or DO things not because they actually want the thing or experience but because of how they think they will feel when they have (or do) the thing.

For example:
"When I get the promotion then I'll feel successful."
"When I retire (or graduate / get married / get divorced / go on holiday etc) then I'll be happy."
"When it's the weekend then I'll be relaxed."
"When I've got the new house (car, clothes, job, partner etc) then I'll be fulfilled."
"When I get the qualification then I'll feel accomplished (good enough, confident, ready etc)"

If you notice with this WHEN THEN game, the feelings of BEING (highlighted in bold) are dependent on doing or having something.

One of the fastest & quickest short-cuts is firstly to be conscious of this mind-game & secondly to go straight to the desired emotion (the feeling of BEING & make that (state) a priority (for example to BE happy / to BE abundant in spirit / to BE confident / to BE loving etc)

Not only will you save yourself potentially weeks, months (or even years), but you'll actually already BE the state & emotion you are seeking. And then the things you want to HAVE & DO will be extra icing on the cake.

This one insight can be transformative. Realising that it's often the feeling of BEING we associate with an object or symbol (goal or intention) that we are after - not the actual partner, promotion or material possession itself.

If we know this, then let's cut straight to the emotion & make that a top goal & priority.
(See also the Abraham Hicks video below, it relates to this)


5.  GRATITUDE - Give Thanks AS IF!

In Dr David Hawkin's scientifically pioneering & respected book 'Power Vs Force' (& follow up 'Letting Go') he identified that the emotion of GRATITUDE (giving thanks & being appreciative) is up at the very top of the calibration spectrum alongside peace, joy & love (see the Levels of Consciousness chart below).

This high calibration is the zone where synchronicity & extraordinary outcomes occur.

Note: The late, great Dr Wayne Dyer who was a voracious reader & scholar said of Dr David Hawkins book "Perhaps the most important & significant book I've read in the past 10 years". Considering the depth & breadth of Dyer's literary apetite & amount of books he consumed every year that is no small statement & indicates the importance of this scientific breakthrough.

This identification of calibration & the power of gratitude is supported by the work of other leading scientists, thinkers & authors including Dr Bruce Lipton (The Wisdom of Your Cells), Dr Joe Dispenza (Breaking the Habit of Being You), Pam Grout (Thank & Grow Rich) & Rhonda Byrne (The Magic).

And connected to Dr David Hawkins findings & to reinforce this, it's good to remind ourselves of Dr Masaru Emoto's 'The Hidden Messages In Water'. If you look at the image below you can see the perfect crystal formation of the thoughts & words 'THANK YOU' & 'LOVE' as opposed to the fractured, disfigured molecular make up of words & emotions of fear & hate.

Both humans & the earth's surface consist of more than 70% water. So our thoughts & words are consistently impacting both our physical & environmental cellular composition. Take a good look at the image below to remind yourself of the powerful hidden impact our thoughts, words & emotions have!

Important note: If all you did this year was move into a more consistent space of appreciation, giving daily gratitude for the things you appreciate in your life then you will start to experience wonderful positive changes across many areas of your life. This is not airy fairy, wishy washy fluff (as many used to think it was) but is now scientifically coroborated & suppored by leading academics around the world.

Not too hard to do right? Just start looking for things to give thanks for every day!

A little game you can play with yourself is to GIVE THANKS AS-IF you already have what it is that you want.

The mind doesn't know the difference between the future & reality in the here & now. So if you give thanks AS IF you already are & have what it is you want to manifest, it will help bring about positive changes, as well as make you feel better.


Key Takeout - Find things to be thankful for every day & night & give thanks AS IF you already are / have what it is that you want.

Look at the image below to remind yourself of just how fortunate you are in any given moment. Even despite the hardships of Lockdown & the current global situation, hundreds of millions of people around the world would literally give everything to have your life & your challenges (indeed that is what 1000's are doing every year, dying as they try to cross the world to just wake up in the country we are in)!

Please don't be a victim or PLOM (poor little old me) bore. It's not attractive, it won't get you what you want in life & it shows a selfish disrespect for all the things that you do have in life. Life could always be better but it can also always be much worse.

Count your blessings (because you truly are blessed - very) & watch your life transform!


6.  Put images that inpired you (& of your aspirations) where you see them daily!

Whether you believe in Visionboards or not please suspend any disbelief, be open to possibilities & just play with the concept of placing images of things that inspire you where you see them daily.

We have heard from 100's of people who've got amazing stories & results from this one simple process, many of whom were initially very sceptical.

Basically when you do this you are sowing seeds to your reticular activating system (RAS) of what you want to bring into your life.

Don't ask precisely how it works. There's a certain magic to the Visionboard process. But impressing images onto your subsonscious mind of what you want in life works wonders. Play with it!


We strongly encourage you to put images of things you want to BE, DO & HAVE somewhere that you see them everyday. Not only will it help motivate you throughout the day & help you to focus but it will make you feel better which lifts your vibration & mood (refer back to Dr David Hawkins calibration chart above).

You can do them digitally using software such as Powerpoint, Keynote or Word (& image sources such as Pinterest, Google Images, Instagram etc).

You can also print & cut out images & make a traditional 'physical visionboard'. It doesn't need to be over complicated. Basically however works for you - collating images that make you feel good & of things you'd like to bring into your life. Play with it

Visionboard Tips:
- Put images of things that make you feel good where you see them daily.
- Put an image of yourself / your family in the middle so that you are associating all of the imagery around yourself & it's not a distant 'out-there' concept for your mind. It anchors it all around you.
- Can make as a screensaver on computer or wallpaper on your mobile devices
- Many successful people & businesses cut out and stick images either around their PC screen or frame their board & put it next to their desk
- Don't worry about the HOW if you're not sure of all the steps. Work out what you can do, move in that direction & more imporantly think about WHY you want these things in your life. What will it mean for you, your family, your confidence, sense of accomplishment & expansion etc etc


Click Here -


7. In Depth Goal Setting Process

From a practical, pragmatic point of view, if you want to drill down into some specific goals, for any given goal, the following 7 step process proves very powerful for many.

NB: In point 1, SMART refers to a goal being Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Relevant / Timed


9. At a high level, KEEP IT SIMPLE

Ultimately things can be kept very simple. Your outcomes are a result of how you spend your time & energy. However, we tend to be creatures of habit.

How we spend our finite 24 hours each day will determine our outcomes, so with this in mind:

1) start to pay attention to how you spend your week
2) become aware of all your activities, consumption & interactions
3) be honest & self-reflective enough to be able to look at where your time goes & each month make a commitment to DO MORE of what's working for you, DO LESS of what's not getting you the the results you want & TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Don't underestimate the impact this simple formula can have on your life.

10. How to speed up the manifestation process

Staying in Alignment (by Abraham Hicks)
Below is a live recording of Abraham Hicks sharing ideas on the importance of staying in alignment with that which you wish to attract into your life.

Listen as she eloquently explains why it's important to be aware of your thoughts & feelings & how you can easily notice what is & isn't serving you.

Learn how to stay in flow & acknowledge where resistence may surface & how you can raise your energy & vibrational nature to help manifest & attract that which you are seeking.

Ok, so the Calibration Chart image was already posted above. So why was it shared again? Purposefully,  because it is one of the most important things you can understand, so we want to make sure you GET it & it sticks with you.

This calibration chart by Dr David Hawkins has shifted the whole scientific comprehension & proves the impact our thoughts, words & emotions have on our environment & results in life.

And all the dots join together. It links into what Abraham Hicks is talking about in the video just above it. And it links in to the importance of putting an emphasis on BEING (the way you are & your state) as a priority over DOING & HAVING.


11. Be mindful of how you feel & how you can elevate your state
- 3 Things That Control How You Feel

It's important to also remember this. There are three interconnected things which control your emotional state & how you feel in any given moment and are known as The Triad (illustrated below).

They are 1. Your Focus 2. Your Physiology & 3. Your Language.

Change these 3 things at any point in time & you WILL change the way you feel.

Depressed? Anxious? Feeling low?  If so get up, move, shift your energy, get the blood flowing, smile, stretch, exercise, focus & think about all the things you've got to be grateful in your life right now (look at that image above again) & hold a vision for what you'd like to BE, DO & HAVE & use positive, affirmative words & language (internally & externally). 

Play with this & see for yourself.

So simple yet it's often forgotten or overlooked.

It's perfectly normal to have a range of emotions & better days & worse days. Acceptance is always important.

However, just being aware of this triad can help not only yourself but colleagues, family & friends.  

For example if they're not feeling great or are in a depressed state you can go out for a walk with them (physiology), ask questions which focus & talk about what's going well or what they're grateful for or what they're looking forward to (language & focus).

The combination of the three together is very powerful!



12. A few questions to help stay on purpose

Contemplating the following questions can help identify our deepest values & overall purpose whilst reminding us of the things which are most important to us.

1. What do you love to do?
2. What are you (or could you be) good at?
3. What can you be paid for?
4. What does the world need?

5. What would you do if you were told you had 12 months left to live?
6. What would you dare to do if failure wasn't an option?
7. What would you do if money & resource wasn't an issue?

Food for thought - IKIGAI (illustrated below) - A Japanese concept which visually helps identify your potential reason for being / your purpose. Where the 4 circles overlap = IKIGAI / Life Purpose.



13. What are you going to let go of?

Esther Perel is respected as one of the world's leading relationship therapists (you can find her excellent free podcasts within the relationship section of The Pay It Forward Academy or via her website
This is a powerful reminder she posted:

"We live in stereo. On one side: who we are. On the other: who we’d like to be. Between them, there’s another force at play—the person we no longer want to be, holding on to commitments that no longer serve us, ready to break a promise but unsure of how.

What outdated stories are masquerading as promises in your life? 
I’m not successful because I didn’t start with a trust fund.
I’ll never find a partner because I’m unlovable.
I will fail my children because my parents failed me. 

The new year is a good time to be forward-thinking about who you want to be; but it’s also a great time to look back at what you’re ready to let go of: the wrong partner or job; the narratives we use to justify our setbacks; the versions of ourselves—past, present, future—that no longer make sense. 

There are plenty of articles that will encourage you to make new year’s resolutions. I would like to invite you to think about the promises you need to break instead. (If you want to think about this more, read the poetry of David Whyte; he put me on this track.) Ask yourself: What would 2020 be like if our resolutions—that mental state of activation—was informed by the promises that we’re finally ready to break?

Let’s Turn the Lens on You

You’ve identified what you want to change; how do you stick with it?

  • Identify the stories no longer serving you. You can do this alone in a diary or bring a couple of friends together. It’s a great question for a group conversation over dinner.

  • Take it a step further: invite each other to be witnesses of the changes you claim to want to make. Set up an accountability schedule, i.e. commit to checking in with each other by sending quick updates or scheduling your next dinner that way you’ve got two things covered: your own plan and staying connected to your friends. 

  • Make a promise to yourself and a promise to your loved ones.Sometimes it’s easier to be accountable when we know someone else is counting on us. 

  • Don’t be afraid to break promises; it’s an important process.

  • When you slip, know that you can always start again tomorrow. Getting derailed doesn’t cancel the entire promise or resolution. But don’t spend 365 days restarting. "



14. The Five Minute Journal - powerful daily reflections

The Five Minute Journal (& it's sister product - The Productivity Planner) is a simple yet powerful resource which has been getting excellent reviews & we love it as it really does shift the focus onto gratitude & growth.

As Tim Ferris - New York Times Best Selling Author says - “The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways that I have found to consistently ensure improving my well being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measurable, quantifiable results.”

Here are daily things The Five Minute Journal asks you to answer:


I am grateful for...

What would make today great?

Daily Affirmations. I am...


3 Amazing things that happened today...


How could I have made today even better?



More info -


15. 101 Ways To Transform Your Life  (by Dr Wayne Dyer)

This short audiobook by Dr Wayne Dyer (RIP) has become a classic in it's field. At just 55 minutes long & consisting of 101 concise tips, you can easily dip in or out, assured to always get a useful insight. Simple, timeless wisdom!

If you aren't familiar with Wayne Dyer's work please note that when he references God he's not talking denominationally but is referencing the Universal Intelligence, a higher power & unifying force however you want to call or label it (Spirit / Buddha / God / Allah / Krishna / Consciousness etc). He's not talking of something that divides or seperates.


16. Empowering Mindset of a respected world leader

This is the powerful distillation of a mindset which will help anybody through the toughest of challenges. 27 reframes which will help you deal with whatever this year throws at you.



17. The Ultimate Work from Home Guide

As we all know, current events have enforced many millions to adapt to working from home.

With that in mind we've been digging to pull together some excellent resources to help you (and any friends, family or colleagues) get the most from working from home.

If you do nothing else, then check out this comprehensive, crowd sourced document which is PACKED with goodness. Even if you don't need it right now, we suggest bookmarking it for future reference or sharing!

Access it for free - Click here


18. Mindfulness, Meditation, Peace of Mind

As mentioned above, the one thing we ultimate have total sovereignty over is our mind. If we can learn to still the mind & be present, even for a few moments, we can massively impact our happiness, quality of life & outcomes.

In 2022 if there's one gift to give yourself in the face of the global mayhem, peace of mind & stillness could be the greatest.

Instant access to tutorials, free apps & guided meditations - Click HERE


19. LOVE LIFE Inspiring Prints

For the very first time, due to multiple requests I have made a personal creation available to help lift spirits in 2022. Consisting of 121 empowering, inspiring & uplifting words this LOVE LIFE design has been made very specifically, tying into the impact & resonance of words on our minds & environment as scientficially proven by Dr David Hawkins levels of Calibration (image above).

Remember, "Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."

If you would like to learn more about how these work & get a personally signed, ltd edition high quality print to inspire a home or workplace please click here


20. Personal Support & Online Training

A range of personal support & online training with myself (Ben Brophy) if you would like to short-cut the time taken to learn & tap into my decades of experience learning, training & coaching 1000's of wonderful people around the world.
Very special lockdown offers - Click here


21. Recommended Resources

Links to groups, people & service providers



2021 is not an average year. We started it under Lockdown & even now many people are feeling very fearful & uncertain of what lies ahead.

However, despite what's going on around us as always we get to co-create & write the story of our lives & the start of a new year is always a good time to take stock, reflect & contemplate what we want our life to look like.

Obvious as it is, everything begins with the seeds of an intention. Despite the challenges & uncertainty what would a good year look & feel like for you?

What would you like to Be, Do & Have over the next 12 months & more importantly, how would you like to BE on a daily basis? Happy, joyful, abundant, peaceful, loving, kind, confident, focussed? What things can you do (& eliminate) to bring yourself closer to alignment with those states & stay in a vibrational match?

Useful reminders:
- Reflect on how you currently rate each area in The Wheel of Life (you can also do this with loved ones).
- Make your BEING your priority & notice the things which (do & don't) serve you.
- Physically write down your bucket list of intentions & goals.
- Break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly & even daily goals.
- Make developing an attitude of gratitude a priority. Give thanks for what you have & what you want (AS IF you already have / are it) rather than focussing on what you don't have.
- Put images of what you want to attract where you will see them daily
- Relinquish (or minimise exposure to) the things, people & circumstances which no longer serve you
- On a consistent basis do more of what's working, do less of what's not working & try something different
- Nurture mindfulness & the acceptance of uncertainty. There are many things outside of our control so best we make peace with the certainty of uncertainty.
- There is an abundance of resources online (& offline) to support you in whatever you want to learn or do. A few are mentioned above including & the Work from Home Survival Guide. Tap into them!
- Be kind to yourself & acknowledge the journey for what it is - a journey. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience & are perfectly imperfect.


So there we have it, a few tools & resources to help you co-create a happy & rewarding 2022. We hope you've found this useful. Please play with the ideas & see what works for you & the results you may enjoy.



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- Download free, printable Wheel of Life Worksheets & Templates here
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- Dr David Hawkins, Power Vs Force - 
- Dr Masuru Emoto - Messages In Water -
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