The Ultimate Working From Home Survival Guide - Tips, Tools & Resources

As we all know, events of the past few months have enforced many millions to adapt to working from home. And for many it will never go back to normal.

With that in mind we've been digging to pull together some excellent resources to help you (and any friends, family or colleagues) get the most from working from home.

If you do nothing else, then check out this comprehensive, crowd sourced document which is PACKED with goodness. Even if you don't need it right now, we suggest bookmarking it for future reference or sharing!

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The contents of this super proficient resource include:

Section 1:

Page 17 Curators details & links to contributor Whatsapp groups

Page 21 Remote working: tools, technology, environment, culture…

Page 34 - Remote working as a recruiter: Comms, tools, productivity

Page 41 - Family & Working from home: educational content & activities, links

Page 46 - Pyschology: focus & distraction, psychological factors

Page 47 - Mental Health: support

Page 49 - Managing remote teams when you are not used to it

Page 53 - Remote leadership: team lead tips, leadership, framework

Page 56 - What happens when tech fails - plan C, D & E

Page 58 - Education - advice for school, remote teaching, resources

Page 67 - Remote work for graphic / web designers / creatives

Page 69 - Physical fitness & exercise: YouTube Playlists

Page 73 - Media & links

Page 76 - Contributors

Page 78 - Remember: Don’t panic

Section 2: Supporting Materials

79 - Remote working management framework for team leaders

80 - Remote Working by Career Karma

111 - Leading Remotely by MIT Sloane Management Review

116 - Five Ways to Improve Comms in Virtual Teams

123 - The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work by Zapier

310 - Kids Guide to Coronavirus by

322 - 2020’s Black Swan: Coronavirus by Goldman Sachs

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Further Resources

To accompany the proficient guide (above) or if you just want a quick & very quick & easy dip into some tips & resources then check out these guides:

How to embrace remote work - The Trello Guide -

This guide includes
- Dispelling myths & providing tips: Remote work gets a bad rep. But is it deserved?
- Communication & collaboration: best practices for virtual discussions & meetings.
- Digital tools: the best software effective for remote work
- Company culture: how to build a thriving team across many time zones
- Jobs & hiring: places to source remote jobs & tips for interviews & hiring


Short 9 Page Work from Home Survival Guide

In addition to the above guides there are some good tips on this board at Pinterest covering time & productivity tips for working from home


This link provides nice visual ideas on Pinterest for Home Office Space Organisation

Click here -


This link provides some ideas for stylish home office set ups


And this guide provides useful tips on work from home office gear


And this link provides further Parenting tips whilst working from home 


Click here to view to a related post which has 100's of useful resources (all on one page) covering

- Time Management
- Leadership
- How to manage & lead people
- Negotiation tips
- Communication skills
- Emotional intelligence
- Habit forming
- Sales & marketing
- Confidence & Motivation
- Inspiration & Motivation
- How to be a good employee
- Summaries of the world's best selling Business & Mindset books.


And of course some very useful further recommended resources here


And if you missed this Quarantainment list, here's another crowd sourced document with 1000's of ideas from contributors all over the world,  including virtual tours, online resources, audio resources, activities, books, movies, exercise resources & much, much more. Click here to access


And click here if you'd like free access to a growing library of content covering interconnected areas of 'the wheel of life' including....

- Accelerated Speed Learning & Education
- Business & Marketing
- Communication & Negotiation
- Confidence
- Dealing with Criticism, Haters, Bullying & Trolls

- Depression, Anxiety, Stress
- Films for Action & Consciousness
- Habits, Addictions & Cravings
- Happiness, Personal Mastery, Success & Living Your Dream Life
- Health, Nutrition & Fitness
- Happiness & Personal Mastery
- Inspiration & Motivation
- Leadership & Teams
- Mindfulness, Meditation & Inner Harmony
- Money, Financial Literacy & Wealth Mindset
- Recommended Resources
- Parenting
- Purpose

- Relationships & Love
- Spirituality
- Success & Living Your Dream Life
- The Environment

This is the link to access for free -


We hope you've found this useful. If so please bookmark it for easy reference and please feel free to share this & PAY IT FORWARD with any friends, family, colleagues or businesses who you think would benefit from these pooled resources.

All documents & content have been collected to assist people & published in the spirit in which we found them, being circulated openly & freely on the Internet.


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