Exciting & powerful new resources uploaded for you....

Exciting New Resources Uploaded for You

A very warm hello to you,

Ben Brophy here & on behalf of the team we just wanted to update you with some great new resources that have been uploaded for you within www.ThePayItForwardAcademy.com.

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This is an easily accessible quick-start page for people in employment & business, to provide rapid access to a range of powerful videos & playlists covering interconneted workplace topics, all within a single post.

This will save both individuals & businesses 1000's in training & time.

Topics & resources provided within this page include

- Time Management
- Leadership
- How to manage & lead people
- Negotiation tips
- Communication skills
- Emotional intelligence
- Habit forming
- Sales & marketing
- Confidence & Motivation
- Inspiration & Motivation
- How to be a good employee

Access this page here

- Plus succinct summaries of top books, which leads us onto....

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We've sourced a brilliant library of book summaries which will save you months.

Get the key takeouts from over 300 best-selling & pioneering books in topic areas including Relationships, Spirituality, Business & Marketing, Mindset, Leadership, Financial Literacy & more.

To access, jump into the relevant section (using the sidebar navigation in the site).

Recommended Services

This will be an ever growing resource of recommendations including websites, services & Facebook groups for the various categories - Click here

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From just one initial Facebook post we are delighted to have already reached many countries (see screenshot above).

Imagine the impact having access to this free library could make for individuals, businesses, communities, especially in less privileged developing countries - literally providing a valuable social service.

For this to work & succeed, please kindly share & PAY IT FORWARD.

We're currently building the library for yourself & other users.

We've got a wealth of great contributors & resources being added.

If you'd like to leave feedback, suggest content or contribute even £1 & be a supporter to facilitate the hosting, time & vision & help people around the world please click here or the SUPPORT image above.

Let's connect over on INSTAGRAM

We've just set up an account & would love to share goodness with you there.

Pay It Forward Academy Instragram Images Pay It Forward Academy Instragram Images

That's just a few of the things that have been added for you over the past couple of weeks and we've got a wealth of content lined up to be added.

We'll keep you posted with updates including podcasts, videos, recommended resources & contributors.

Have an amazing week & remember you're unique.

with gratitude, appreciation & respect.

Ben & The Team

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