Tools, Ideas & Resources to help make 2022 healthy, happy & abundant.

Well none of us would have pre-written what we've experienced these past 19 months & as we move into 2022 the one certainty we can be certain of is that we are going to be facing a lot of uncertainty this year.  More so for some than others, but ultimately being able to accept & embrace uncertainty is a trait that will stand us in good stead.

The good news is that listed below are a range of free tools, ideas & resources which can help you enjoy & get the most from this new year.

Despite all the uncertainty that lies ahead in 2022 always remember that you are a powerful co-creator & the ability to be present, mindful & in control of your mind are the ultimate freedoms which cannot be taken from you.

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can & the wisdom to know the difference."

Now I'm sure it's crossed your mind to think about the year (or more) ahead & set some new years...

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A Collection of The World's Top Business & Mindset Books - Summaries & Overviews


Please note - this page may load slower than others due to the quantity of summaries included - please be patient!

Below are summaries & overviews of a number of the world's best-selling & most loved business & mindset books, both contemporary & classic!

Of course you can buy any of the books but if you'd like to save yourself days (even weeks & months) worth of time whilst getting some of the key takeouts then enjoy the time-saving summaries below.....

Books summarised on this page include:

- Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek
- Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman
- Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
- The Chimp Paradox - The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness - Dr Steve Peters
- Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead...

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A collection of the world's leading thinkers share top tips & ideas

Whether you are an employer or employee there are multiple different atrributes which will contribute to your happiness & success.

Whilst you can go more in depth into the various categories within this site using the sidebar menu (or Index tab in the header menu) this page aims to provide you with easy & quick access to some important work related topics which will contribute to your Professional & Personal Development.

Below you will find tips & ideas which can help enhance some of these interconnected skillsets. Topics on this page include:

- Time Management
- Leadership
- How to manage & lead people
- Negotiation tips
- Communication skills
- Emotional intelligence
- Habit forming
- Sales & marketing
- Confidence & Motivation
- Inspiration & Motivation
- How to be a good employee

- Summaries of the world's best selling Business & Mindset books.


Time Management Tips & Ideas

All people have 24 hours in any given day. How we invest (or waste)...

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We all want health, truth & transparency. Why aren't these questions being answered & why are they being censored?

What do the vast majority of us have in common?
The vast majority of us want the truth, transparency, health, freedoms & the ability to live a decent, honourable & honest life.

The blatant truth is that we are not being shown all things & we are being manipulated, cajoled & fear-mongered whilst very many logical & important questions being asked by 100,000's of professional, good people are being censored & ignored.


And why in supposedly democratic societies are we being denied open debate & dialogue?

Every day we are reading far & wide across all medias & perspectives - online, print & TV. Alongside a growing number of people all over the world we are perplexed at how critical issues & questions aren't being addressed & even worse, ignored, silenced & censored.

For ALL of us & our future generations, living through these pivotal times in our collective human evolution our intention with this post is merely to pull...

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Urgent! The Social Dilemma impacting us & all children. You NEED to know this - 2 new documentaries, resources & solutions

In the past week a couple of very important documentaries have been released which (despite being uncomfortable viewing at times) dovetail & complement each other. They are of the Zeitgeist & present serious issues which impact every one of us & are essential for us all to be aware of.

The documentaries mentioned are the Award Winning Netflix feature 'The Social Dilemma' ( & Childhood 2.0 (

Note: & are related documentaries & are included at the bottom of the page)


The intention of this post is firstly to help raise awareness of the urgent & important issues flagged in these interconnected films, drawing attention to the real challenges faced in today's digital age of social media.

Secondly to pull together & share some resources which can support individuals, families & children navigating the tightrope.

Thirdly to...

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The Ultimate Working From Home Survival Guide - Tips, Tools & Resources

As we all know, events of the past few months have enforced many millions to adapt to working from home. And for many it will never go back to normal.

With that in mind we've been digging to pull together some excellent resources to help you (and any friends, family or colleagues) get the most from working from home.

If you do nothing else, then check out this comprehensive, crowd sourced document which is PACKED with goodness. Even if you don't need it right now, we suggest bookmarking it for future reference or sharing!

Access it for free here:


The contents of this super proficient resource include:

Section 1:

Page 17 Curators details & links to contributor Whatsapp groups

Page 21 Remote working: tools, technology, environment, culture…

Page 34 - Remote working as a recruiter: Comms, tools, productivity

Page 41 - Family & Working from home: educational content & activities, links

Page 46 - Pyschology:...

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Coronavirus Quarantine Resource & Survival Guide

This page has been created to help provide resources, tips & tools to help you (& all households) navigate this challenging & unprecendented period.

It will be updated constantly (and we've already got much more to add) but as it stands right now it contains links & ideas covering...

- Official Government advice & resources
- Looking after your mental health & wellbeing - resources & top tips
- Finances & money
- 100's of tips to do whilst at home in quarantine!
- How to reduce anxiety, fear & stress
- Meditations, mindfulness & inner peace tips
- Fitness, health & energy
- Relationships
- Resources for upskilling & training
- Inspiration & perspective
- Food for thought
- Humour

OK, so let's jump in.........

Small Business Bounce Back Loans - Full details from the Government Website - Click here

Get the latest information from the National Health Service about coronavirus


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Exciting & powerful new resources uploaded for you....


Exciting New Resources Uploaded for You

A very warm hello to you,

Ben Brophy here & on behalf of the team we just wanted to update you with some great new resources that have been uploaded for you within

Placeholder Image

This is an easily accessible quick-start page for people in employment & business, to provide rapid access to a range of powerful videos & playlists covering interconneted workplace topics, all within a single post.

This will save both individuals & businesses 1000's in training & time.

Topics & resources provided within this page include

- Time Management
- Leadership
- How to manage & lead people
- Negotiation tips
- Communication skills
- Emotional intelligence
- Habit forming
- Sales & marketing
- Confidence & Motivation
- Inspiration & Motivation
- How to be a good employee

Access this page here

- Plus succinct...

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8 Success Hacks That Will Level Up Your Life - Impact Theory

In this video Impact Theory's founder Tom Bilyeu combines some of the top tips shared by expert guests on his popular Impact Theory show.
In case you've not come across it before, Impact Theory is an interview series that explores the mindsets of the world's highest achievers across all walks of life, to learn their secrets of success.
As Tom says, “The best thing about these pieces of advice is that they are things anyone can do immediately. They’re easy, practical, obtainable, and (when used regularly) can change your life.”
Within this video guests Robin Sharma, Meagan Good, Mark Manson, Dame Dash, Rachel Hollis, Hal Elrod, Ramit Sethi and Sam Harris share some of their most useful advice, all in the space of this half-hour video.

- Robin Sharma explains how to eliminate distractions and cultivate high energy [1:24]
- How to improve your entire day by getting the most out of the first hour [3:01]
- Meagan Good explains how...
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How to make 2020 a special year to remember - resources, tools & tips

As we move into 2020 & this new decade I'm sure it's crossed your mind to think about the year (or more) ahead & set some new years resolutions.

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that the majority of people don't stick with their resolutions past the first few weeks (see the Tony Robbins video below, where he shows how you can change this).

To assist you with your co-creation of a wonderful year ahead & to help you get clarity, focus & inspiration below are a few resources you may find useful.


1. New Year - New Life - (by Tony Robbins)
Why do so many people fail to follow through on their new years resolutions? Tony Robbins shares some of his expertise from working with millions around the world....



2. Where's your life in this current moment - The Wheel of Life Exercise
Your life is made up of interconnected areas as illustrated in The Wheel of Life below.

Take a moment to contemplate each area of your life & have an honest reflection (without...

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